This is a multi-period group where re-enactors from differing periods can come together to re-enact a specific event.  This will hopefully provide a greater base from which to draw people from the various arms of cavalry, infantry, gunners, camp followers and promenaders.  There will of course be no pressure on anyone to do that which they do not want to do, but it is hoped that the wider spectrum will bring together greater expertise, knowledge and  research.  It is also intended to ensure that re-enactors, the paying public and the sponsors are given the opportunity to have good relaxing but exciting events, be they battle, living history, research conferences or wargames.





We also cover WW1. There is scope for both Cavalry, Infantry and suppporting troops to be represented. We have also included the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY) and a short article about these brave women is here.







Historical Re-enactment




From early medaeval through pike and matchlock the flintlock and rifleling to the percussion cap; from horse and ox to steam, and from slow manoeuvring to fast action, the 200 odd years from 1680 to 1860 saw more developments in warfare than in any other similar period in history. We are soldiers of the Queen, the King, the Emperor, the Tsar, the Holy Roman Emperor, the Queen Empress and even the Pretender. We wear a plethora of brilliant uniforms and horse equipment, with drill to match. We demonstrate and educate, we do battles and shows, living history, parties and Balls. This all we re-create - it is what we are and what we do, and it is fun.




Crown and Empire have a facebook page which you are more than welcome to join. Simply go on facebook and type in "Crown&Empire"


We also have a magazine called "The Bulletin", produced every couple of months or so. If anyone wished to receive a copy please request by e-mailing Crown and Empire


For more information and to see a set of introductory videos go to the "aboutus" page.