This page has been created to give members the opportunity to sell surplus items that may be of use to others, or ask for items you need that people may have surplus to equirements. There is no charge for this service.

  Crown and Empire do not accept any liability for the value or condition of the items shown and it is for the buyer and seller to make their own arrangements regarding payment and delivery.

Any member wishing to avail themselves of this sevice should contact


If you are looking for a cavalry weapon, then you may like to give Nick Hiscock a ring (02380406204)  or email ( - He may be able to help you. Nick normally has a least 1 x P1908 sword available for sale, and will have a good idea where other weapons may best be found. You may wish to visit him to get a good idea of what you "really want", as  something suitable may have just become surplus to his needs. Nick will source and refurbish weapons for Crown and Empire members at cost.


18th Light Dragoons/Hussars Uniform

Complete Soldiers Uniform for 18th Light Dragoon and Hussars (Large Size)

1er Chasseurs Horse Equipment

For further details and prices contact

Paul Wisken or 07757 434285

Nice Basket

Takes 4 wine bottles - £10

Contact John Norris - or 07973 196564

Leather Beer Tankard

Fully functional and waterproof - £30

Contact John Norris - or 07973 196564